Consciousness resides in a precise coordinate within us. It is biased either favorably or dis-favorably by our subconscious. Our model for health allows for a re-booting and re-engineering of such dynamics that allow us to lay claim to our true wellness of VIEWPOINT.



Find out about us, our methodology for shifting VIEWPOINT, and the results you can anticipate.

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Ready to take the next step towards ideal health? You can reposition your VIEWPOINT and liberate from long-standing patterns and cycles from negative bias of the subconscious.

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Viewpoint Wellness uses a holistic model in determining the cause of discordance and errors of perspective. Time-tested healing modalities including DRAINAGE, HOMOTOXICOLOGY, ACUPUNCTURE, HOMEOPATHY, NUTRITION, DETOXIFICATION, STRUCTURAL WORK and INSTRUMENTS TO IMPROVE THE PHYSICS OF ONE'S FIELD are utilized in order to restore full health back to the body and to help the patient reclaim ideal VIEWPOINT as efficiently as possible.